Our Story

Recent incidents around the globe including acts of terrorism, shootings and guerilla attacks on national borders and other incidents that cost innocent lives has created a need for intelligent surveillance. This propelled us to to think hard about extracting intelligence out of the surveillance videos generated by IP cameras and to process, analyze and alert on multiple channels so that such acts can be either prevented or perpetrators brought to justice. We also felt that this type of work could also lead to some insights for businesses who want to understand their customers better, especially those that have physical retail locations. Our co-founders’ expertise and professional experience in advanced computing technology led to the creation of aiTOE Video Analytics PVT LTD in Mumbai, India in October 2015.

Our core team is divided geographically between Mumbai and Seattle and features strong technology leaders, including PhDs and graduates of prominent universities in Hong Kong, India and US with work experience in industry with prominent software companies. Our goal is to both innovate and leverage modern deep learning, machine learning, AI, IoT and Cybersecurity based techniques to develop practical products for three areas of commercial, public sector and consumer use.

Firstly, to apply video analytics on surveillance camera feeds and combine signals from IoT devices to make homes, businesses and cities smart and safe via a product called aiSenTineL. Secondly enable businesses to offer real-time personalization of customer experience and aid business leaders to make data-driven decisions based on intelligent software analysis of video footage in retail, banking, healthcare, public sector and other organizations via a product called aiPersona. Thirdly to go beyond traditional infrastructure security features like motion detection, intrusion, asset protection and license plate recognition to being a leader in how Deep Learning and ML techniques can be leveraged in both surveillance and customer analytics including the AITOE engine  in Drones, Robots, Automobile dash-cams and Aerospace.

In order to achieve the third goal mentioned above, we have under development a platform that we call aiSaac which will use Deep Learning methods using different Neural Networks like Residual and Convolutional to do such things as facial recognition, age and gender recognition and identification of objects in videos (like weapons, rifles, explosives) or identification of scenes (like running, fighting etc.), poses, emotions etc. We also feel that the work put into aiPredicto can lead to further avenues to develop products for Cybersecurity also, and aiSaac can be also marketed as a platform of services too.

Currently AITOE has reached agreement to be a partner of the Mahindra Special Services Group, which is part of one of India’s largest business corporations to compete for large Enterprise surveillance solution bids projects.  We also have strong tie-up with IIT Bombay, a premier research academic insititution, with an advisor who is faculty Professor of Computer Science in addition to sponsored PhD students and interns that do research aligned towards the same problems that AITOE is trying to solve.

We currently have finished deploying our software at two enterprise clients and are in talks with several other potential customers including US companies in the hospital, mining, manufacturing, government programs, automobile dealership as well as channel partners and solution partners.