xcxcA revolutionary software that connects to any CCTV camera whether Analog, IP or HD

Several Exciting Features:


  • Converts your dormant CCTV camera into an instant Watchdog Guarding you 24/7.
  • Connect Multiple cameras through our unique Multi-Controller.
  • Each Camera can have one or more of the below Alert features. It is not necessary that a Camera should have all the features. Just configure as per your need. For example, if you have a camera outdoors, you may want to configure only the 1,2,3,4 and 6 whereas an indoor camera in a Conference room may be configured only to keep an eye on the Laptop through our Asset Protector.
  • Directly connect one or more cameras through a LAN Switch to the Desktop or Laptop, configure each of the cameras for the alerts through our Multi-controller and begin to get instant alerts.
  • Set up a scheduler for each of these products so that you are alerted only when you are away.
  • Several options for alerts; Email, Push Bullet for SMS, Audio or Screen.
  • Mark Multiple areas within the range of the camera for Perimeter Intrusions. For example, if a camera is overlooking two doors, mark intrusion alerts for both the doors.
  • Set Alerts only when Human being is detected and not when a bird or animal comes within the range of the camera.
  • Use our Advanced features for fine tuning the alerts; Reduce False Positives to the minimum.

Products Features

1.Camera Offline Detector

Will send an alert when any camera within the network is offline

2.Motion Detector

Will send an alert the moment any motion is detected; To be used with care as one could get flooded with a lot of alerts.

3.Perimeter Monitoring

Alert when there is any intrusion in any demarcated area

4.Camera Tampering Detector

Receive an alert the moment your camera is tampered with.

5.Asset Protector

Receive an Alert when a valuable asset is removed from its location

6.Loitering Detector

Receive an alert when someone is loitering in an area for more then a few minutes.

7.Create Summary Videos

This is for the busy executive like you. When you do not wish to receive immediate alerts but would like to receive a summary of the events that have happened in a particular time frame use this feature to create summaries so that you can watch them during lunch break or when you return back home. This software uses Machine Learning Algorithms to remove repetitive events from the videos and give you a very concise summary. Useful when you are away from home, office, or have a dependent relative over whom you would like to keep an eye on etc. Ideally you would use either an immediate alert or opt to receive a summary but not both. However, at times you may want to receive both. So, feel free.

8.Receive Summary Mails

Receive periodical emails summarising all events taking place within a stipulated time gap.

Very easy to set up and configure. It is virtually plug and play.

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