Making Every Camera Smarter
State of the Art Video Analytics For Surveillance


aiSENTINEL Motion Detector switches on the console only when it senses activity in front of a camera. Result: Lower Operator fatigue, greater concentration and alert (not asleep) operator.

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Stop the thief from breaking into your home with our aiSENTINEL Intrusion Detector.


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Making every camera smarter

State of the art video analytics for surveillance and business intelligence

Be at peace anywhere anytime knowing that your business, home or institution is being guarded by world-class AI technology which provides automatic alerts for suspicious activities

Proactive Security

Detect and store security events like Movement detection, Intrusion and Perimeter Monitoring, Trespassing, Theft and Asset Violation, and Suspicious Activity Detection and Loitering using State-of-the-Art machine learning video analytics and secure cloud storage..

Real-time Alerts

Issue real-time alerts with still photo and video attachments of important and suspicious security events detected, to your computer, mobile phone or tablet device.

Incident Logs

Each alert-able event is logged in a database chronologically and also allows some log events to be elevated into security tickets: thus enabling verifying, dispatching, investigating, resolving and closing.